Hallie Blake Evans Monologue

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Hallie Blake Evans sighed unhappily as she looked down at the crumpled Halloween costume sketches on her bed. Hallie had not exactly drawn them well, but even Vincent Van Gogh himself could not have made her sketches look decent. No matter how hard Hallie tried, she just was not very creative. What self-respecting seventh grader went as a fairy princess on Halloween anyway? She gave the sketches one final, disgusted glance before sweeping them all into the wastebasket next to her desk. Her phone dinged. She picked it up and looked at the text. It was a picture from her best friend Catalina with the tagline ‘my halloween costume.’ Cat was going as the periodic table of the elements, with each element neatly painted on a black jumpsuit. The picture…show more content…
James’ amazing food. “Your mom didn’t have to do that-but I’m so happy she did. Her food is amazing.”
Cat grinned “You don’t have to tell me that, chica. I do live here.”
Hallie strolled through the kitchen with an “Hola, Mrs. James,” and breezed down the hall that led to Cat’s bedroom. Plopping her bag and herself down on the floor, she looked around the room. It was painted sky blue, with a border of cats (what else?) stickered around the top. No matter how often Hallie walked into Cat’s room, she was always amazed at the neatness of it. Everything was meticulously placed into the proper drawer, shelf, or cubby. The only things on the bulletin board were Cat’s spelling bee medals and Science Olympiad certificates.
“DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!!???!!!” Cat’s voice brought Hallie back to earth. She sounded like an overly peppy cheerleader.
“It’s costume time.” Hallie deadpanned.
Cat managed a fake pouty face without bursting into laughter “Very funny. But you’re right! Do you want to go first?”
“No way. I want to see
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“The one that I loaned you last week.”
“Did you? I guess it’s in my drawers then…” Cat nervously stumbled toward her dresser and slowly pulled the drawers open with a creak. As expected, every outfit was folded into a perfect square. Once again, Hallie found herself wishing that her room wasn’t such a blizzard of clothes, magazines, and homework. Cat continued looking through her drawers, taking out shirts and pants and neatly stacking them up in towers of three. It seemed odd-Cat prided herself on being able to put her fingers on every homework assignment she had ever done within ten seconds. Yet she was taking forever to find Hallie’s sweater.
“Are you sure that-” Just then Hallie caught a glimpse of the sleeves of Cat’s costume. The style looked familiar. Too familiar.
“I mean, I think I know where my sweater is,” Hallie said through clenched teeth.
Cat whipped around “You do?”
“Yes, I do”
“Where is it?”
Hallie could barely control herself
“You wouldn’t happen to be wearing it, would you?” she asked in a dangerously sweet voice.
“Hallie, I-”
And that was when the dam
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