Halloween And Cosplay Comparison Essay

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This comparison and contrast essay will show the similarities and differences between Cosplaying and Halloween costumes. Now from other’s point of view Halloween costumes and Cosplay might seem to be the same thing, but they are very different and as a cosplayer myself I will show the differences. While there are many differences between the two there are also many similarities and I will try to mention all of them it should be fun to write about.

Now you might be wondering “what is Cosplay?”. Cosplay, also known as costume play, is an activity/hobby that originated in japan. Many People engage in it for fun and some even Cosplay as a career. While you can Cosplay anywhere and at any time a majority of people Cosplay at conventions where
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Many cosplays are of higher quality than just regular Halloween costumes because cosplayers taking pride in making their cosplays as accurate as possible. Cosplay focuses on looking exactly like the character of your choosing and people achieve the looks by wearing realistic wigs and doing stunning make-up also quite a few people wear circle lenses to make their eyes, beautiful colors such as purple and pink while at the same time making your eyes look bigger. Of course people wear contacts on Halloween but during Halloween its more socially acceptable to wear costumes and do silly things, but some view Cosplay as a weird thing to do and don’t understand why people would want to go to conventions. Quite a bit of people think that Cosplay is weird or it’s just another Halloween for creepy adults and weirdos, but it’s nothing like that, conventions are warm and welcoming places where you can make life time friends that have the same interest as you. Halloween costumes is far more socially acceptable than Cosplay which is one of the biggest differences between them.

Now you know some of the main similarities and differences of Cosplay and Halloween costumes. People make great memories doing both of these things and they make tons of friends and find ways to express their creativity and while Cosplay may happen more often it does cost way more than Halloween but both are a great way to spend

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