Benefits Of Halloween Essay

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The best part of a holiday is the treats and traditions young and old individuals get to participate in. Among these sweet filled holidays is Halloween, a day to please the sweet tooth, stay up late, and support America’s holiday tradition. Since the 1940’s Halloween has been a highly-celebrated event in the year, which makes it perplexing that schools don’t care to give at least no school on the day where young souls wake up from eating large amounts of candy and staying up late gathering it. The school board has stressed the importance of academic success and plead for students to have a good breakfast and get enough sleep, but they’ve forced us to go to school right after we’ve supported our country by celebrating one of the most popular holidays, Halloween.…show more content…
The school board pushes for students to begin their day with a good nutritious breakfast, however give a school day the morning after students devoured buckets of candy. After eating a healthy low sugar meal, it takes an adults blood sugar up to 4 hours to go back to its normal level. If a human age five to eighteen eats sugary foods all night and gets up early for school they will still have a sugar rush which, according to Dr. David Ludwig, professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School “causes children’s blood sugar levels to rise quickly and then fall” (Live Strong). If schools want students to have a good nutritious meal they need to stop having a school day after the holiday dedicated to high blood sugar and sugar crashes. Along with not giving enough time for the body to recuperate, schools also ask for at least nine hours of sleep but don’t let us have
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