Halloween House Research Paper

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I woke up at 10:00 A.M. on Halloween morning. I went outside to feel the weather and it was really chilly. I told my mother that I was not going trick-or-treating. My mom told me I have to take my little brother trick-or-treating. So, I had to go in this really cold weather.

Everybody else in the house woke up at noon. When everybody woke up we put on our costumes because we were going to have a Halloween affair at my house, then after that we planned to go trick-or-treating. At 2:00 my friends and family showed up. We had cake, Ice Cream, pizza, and more. My parents had a dance competition and my mom won.

After the party was over everybody went home to get their costumes for trick-or-treating because some people forgot. Then, when everybody got back to our residence with their costumes on, we got our bags for the candy, and then we all went walking. My family went walking around our block. I took my brother and we went to the rich neighborhood. My brother and I saw a clown!!!
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When I saw the clown I ran so fast, I ended up falling on the road really hard. I broke my knee, so my brother called our parents and they called the ambulance. I went to the hospital and got a cast on my knee. Then, me, my parents, and brother went home.

That day was the worst day of my life because I broke my knee. I couldn 't walk the rest of the night. The next day my brother and I went through our candy bags.We had a lot of candy. This is my most memorable Halloween memory because that 's the day I broke my knee, hung out with my friends and family, and had a Halloween
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