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It’s that time of year again: Halloween & the autumn season! Halloween is a very popular holiday for many families, particularly the kids! Look for some fun ideas below that will amuse you and the whole family, many of which can be done in the comfort of your house.
If Halloween is a major holiday in your household, consider celebrating it all month long with the activity suggestions here, courtesy of Certified Roofing, top-quality roofing contractors serving Brevard County, FL.
Create Scary Masks or Hats- Arts and crafts are usually a great activity for kids, allowing them to flex their imagination. Stock up on craft store items so the children can make masks or hats, which may turn out to be fitting touches for their trick-or-treat costumes.
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Let them help (depending on the age) in the kitchen as you make ghost and pumpkin cookies, chocolate and peanut balls, and ginger spice cake. Have fun together as a family by turning on some festive music, throwing a mini dance party, and then decorating the treats with colorful frosting, caramel sauce, and candy bits. Just don’t feel the need to eat them all in one night!
Pumpkin Fun- Get innovative with carving Jack-O-Lanterns. Don’t forget to take the “guts” out and bake the seeds. Buy mini pumpkins for the kids to draw on and decorate with craft store goodies.
Haunted Houses- Host your own haunted house, or visit some in your area. Different types exist; some are in homes, barns, large buildings, or boats. Research the type of scare tactics as much as possible before bringing the kids.
Movie Night- Consider what type of Halloween movies most interest your family and the amount of young viewers included (no one likes nightmares). You may decide to see something cute and playful, or maybe a film that is spooky or frightening. Gather together the family along with caramel popcorn balls, pumpkin sugar cookies, and “goblin” punch.
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