Halloween Love Story

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One day at Halloween night so many years ago there 's two teenagers too shy to say hi standing in the corner of the room while everyone is enjoying the Halloween party threw by one of the popular kids at the Beacon Hills High School and this is the story of their blossoming love story in the day where all the spooky thing happens, and little did she know. "Stop staring at her, it 's creepy," Peter 's friend told him with a smirk causing Peter to startled since he 's been watching you the girl in the corner of the room laughing with her friend looking so inhumanly beautiful and happy. Peter rolled his eyes, sending a glare to his friend before taking another sip of his drink, "Pfft, I 'm not staring at her," Joel, Peter 's friend chuckled at him leaning to his side, "It 's okay you know?" "It 's okay to what?" Peter asked in confusion turning his stare back at you for a second before catching your eyes and quickly look away. Joel shrugged, "To like her, it 's so obvious. Go talk to her, Peter," "Whatever," Peter answered, walked away and shaking his head from his friend who only laughed at him. -- "That guy has been staring at you since you walked in, Y/N," Your friend told you with a suggestive eye look. "Please, don 't have any idea, hey! don 't laugh at me," You pleaded to your friend who only laughed at your expression. She pouted, "Who said I have any idea?" you were about to open your mouth to answer her before she cut you off, "But I mean he is Peter

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