Halloween Narrative Essay

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"Hurry up Miku, or we 'll leave you behind!" Miku gasped, snapping back to reality. The moon glowed while the scattered stars twinkled, adding a beautiful yet mysterious effect to the night sky. Miku looked around, the air cold against her skin. She was in the town square, kids and teens running around the neighbourhood in all sorts of costumes, collecting treats from each resident. Ah that 's right, it 's Halloween! Miku wore a simple teal coloured vintage style dress, a pair of black pumps and her long hair tied into her famous pigtail with red ribbons. She decided to dress up as a simple yet pretty doll for this year 's Halloween, therefore not putting any heavy make up on her face except for a light blush and some lip gloss. "Hey Miku, what the hell are you waiting for? Are you coming? If you 're not, then we 'll actually leave you for good." Meiko 's voice called from a house not far away. Again returning back to reality, Miku quickly ran towards her friends, sending them a apologising look. 'For some reason I 'm always getting lost in my thoughts tonight. Wait a minute, I always does that. It sucks that I have inattentive type ADHD ' 'But that dream... It doesn 't feel like one, and it doesn 't felt like I fell asleep or anything. Time just passed a few seconds. What 's going on? ' Her friends are all dressed up for Halloween, just like her. Meiko wore a beautiful yet seductive red witch costume, which she called herself "the strawberry witch". Miku found the
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