Why Halloween Is Important To Me

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We all know that on halloween the creepiest of things happen, this is what makes it so great to me. My best friend Blair and I have always celebrated halloween together. Blair and I have been friends since birth, our moms have also been best friends since they were very young. Since we were little we have always liked the same things but halloween was our favorite. Every year we dress up in something that goes together. This year though she has been fighting the death of her father and she has been very distant from me. I really wish things could go back to the way things were before her dad died. Halloween hasn’t really come up in the conversations that we have had and when I do mention it, she gets mad. There has been so much distant between her and i since her dad past away. I know my best friend and I know the things that will cheer her up. Everyone has been talking about this huge halloween party that is going on and I know that is just want she needs to make her feel better, after all she loves halloween.…show more content…
Then i had a thought of just not telling her and getting her dressed up and to the party by lying to her. I told her that we were just gonna walk around the block at least because we can’t just sit inside for halloween. She wasn’t happy about it but she agreed to it. We are walking down the street and she sees the party going on and realizes that we are walking in that direction, she looks straight at me with a sour face. I told her that we are only going in for a couple minutes so that i can get something from a friend and then we will leave. She unhappily walked into the party with me and as i was talking to some friends of mine, I looked back and she was

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