Halloween Traditions

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My family has always had some entertaining holiday traditions, and Halloween is no exception. Growing up, my siblings and I would always be very excited for the chill in the air that signaled the start of autumn, because we knew that the family traditions would soon commence. A couple of weeks before Halloween, my family would decorate the house and front yard with spooky decorations. We would then venture out to our favorite pumpkin patch to pick out a large orange jack-o-lantern that would later be carved into a different design than the year before. During the duration of all of this, my brother and sister would formulate their plan for the annual Halloween party that they always held with their friends. This party was one of the most fun things we would do during this time of year, because the fun games and the large group of people that would come to our house always kept us highly entertained. Another tradition my family has for this time of year is watching a Halloween-themed movie. One of my favorite movies…show more content…
From carving pumpkins to throwing a party to baking cookies and trick-or-treating, there was always something to keep me highly entertained. Over the years, the traditions have managed to stay the same, although our family continues to grow and change a little more over time. I hope to someday pass down the beloved Halloween traditions of the Day family to my children. Hopefully they will enjoy these memorable experiences as much as I did. I know that Halloween would not have ever felt the same if it were not for my parents and siblings teaching me the traditions we have long carried out, and I am ever so grateful to have experienced them. For all we know, these traditions being passed down could have another few new traditions added to the list of currently existing ones. The possibilities of Halloween are endless. After all, it is a holiday based on the imagination of the
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