Hallowell's Cycle Of Excellence

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Maximizing peak performance has been the forefront of just about every business, athlete, education systems, government, and many others. Turn on the television and you will see multiple commercial airing pushing the best foods, motivational material, supplements, even the newest and fastest technology to help promote peak performance. While most people have access to these different products and will use them, only few will succeed from their full potential and achieve peak performance. Identifying the characteristic, genetic, educational, and training differences between those who succeeded and those who failed will always be in contention. However, one fact will always remain with the people who succeed: they developed a plan and stuck …show more content…

As discussed in earlier modules, HRM functions should capitalize focus on human capital while supporting the requirements to grow and increase value for the organization. Utilizing the Cycle of Excellence adds value to both the organization and HR managers because it saves time and money by using an already established, proven, and popular model. More importantly, the cycle supports “soft” HRM methods which promote the company’s long-term focus and goals, at the same time creating an environment to build and retain long-term employees and future …show more content…

A failing or poorly managed businesses can be held afloat just because the people working for it keep it working. For example, companies like Ford and Chrysler almost went bankrupt due to poor leadership and management decisions. However, workers continued to do their jobs, and in some cases, provide ideas and suggestions to the new leadership regime that propelled the company from decline. Further, leadership will always come and go, but the core of an organization will always be the strength of any company. Another great example is all of the military units subject to toxic leadership. Although a unit may have had horrible leadership, the continuity of the organization was kept intact by the soldiers. Motivation, value, and bonds built between employees and peers are stronger than the bonds formed between subordinates and leadership. Thus, creating the need for HRM and tools like the Cycle of Excellence; bridging the relationship between employees and organizations. Unfortunately, I believe grapple and grow a wasted step, or more specifically, not the right verbiage for a step in the Cycle of Excellence. Understandably, grapple and grow is an important part of any business or organization. However, if HRM is doing the job, it is designed to do, then grapple and grow should be organic to any plan. Specifically, if you accomplish steps two and

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