Hallucinations In The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe was heartbroken when learning that his wife Annabellepast away. In his famous poem, "The Raven", the character's love, Lenore, was dead. The main character was depressed. Depressed people stay inside and write poems. That is what Poe did. "From my books surcease of sorrow – sorrow for the lost Lenore-For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore – (lines 11-12)" Edgar missed Annabelle,similar to the narrator He spent a lot of time inside, using coal gas for indoor lighting during the 19th century. Coal gas causes carbon monoxide.

In a letter asking for an advance of $50 from Mr DUYCKINCK, Edgar states "I am still dreadfully unwell and fear that I shall be very seriously ill. ...................... which deprives
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Walker, he was said to be delirious and semi-conscious. In the hospital, 5 days later, his physician Dr. John J. Moran said that Poe was having hallucinations. Semi-consciousness and hallucinations are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If he was drunk, wouldn't he sober up in the 5 days he was in the hospital. He couldn't sober up because he was not drunk, he was poisoned by carbon monoxide.

In 1999, a public researcher, Albert Donnay took clippings of Poe's hair and tested it for a presence of some metals that reveal coal gas. The test results were included, leading many biographers and historians to discredit Donnay's theory. Edgar Allan Poe died 154 years earlier, so I'm not surprised that the test results were clear. Also in 1870, Poe's body was moved to another grave. The evidence, his DNA, was altered. It was still nice that those people bury him properly through.

Case in point, Edgar Allan Poe was a poetic genius. He is known as "The Father of the Detective Story", so it is fitting that his death is a mystery as well. But, his stories have made him one of America's best poets and his death peaked the interest of many generations. Hopefully one day we will know what happened and say "nevermore" to the false theories people
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