Halo Effect Consumer Behavior

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Halo Effect:
In the market place consumer behavior may effect because of halo effect. Halo effect is the well known term in psychology. Consumers’ choice to buy a product or making a decision to which product to buy is mostly depends on Halo effect. Consumers’ buy their products depending on their favorable experience, product brand name, product history and mostly product marketing. If I buy a car Spark of Chevrolet, which is one of the best and renowned car companies in the world, next because of their brilliant invention quality, design, comfort, and excellent service I would love to buy my next car from choosing the same company. This is all because of the halo effect of consumer behavior. This is makes me bias towards the same company because of their branding, exceptional fuel economy, innovative technology, impressive safety and outstanding customer service.

Classical Conditioning:
Here is another term used in marketing term called classical conditioning. This is one of the known terms used in marketing consumer
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Another car like Sonic, the small car for those who love to have a little fun behind the wheel, Sonic combines sporty design with exciting performance to deliver a driving experience unlike any other. Malibu awarded “Highest Ranked Midsize Car in Initial Quality” by J.D. Power in 2015. Malibu blends power and efficiency with undeniable good looks, making it the midsize sedan that has it all. Also Corvette the amazing sports car mostly for young generation that captivated enthusiasts and casual drivers alike will render your expectations obsolete with precision performance and incredible technology. They also have trucks like Silverado from the family of most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road, Silverado delivers proven power and capability along with advanced

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