Hamburgers Observation

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At the table, she pinches her nose. She looks all around at her friends on the carpet as she sits at the table near lunch. S.D. now puts the circle paper plates at the circle tables in between the centers. She then tells her teacher that she was only given 7 plates, however, her teacher told her that she gave her 8. S.D. is now walking towards her teacher’s table and briefly stops to ask her teacher if she can wash her hands. S.D. now gets plastic gloves and helps her teacher pass out the lunch. She is passing out hamburger buns and she does so at each table that has a paper plate. S.D. now has the bag of hamburger buns and is observing the plates and tables’ making sure that everyone has bread. She then places the buns back on the lunch…show more content…
She switched her seat from before. S.D. is now sitting down at the table with approximately four other students. S.D. is now observing her teacher pass out ketchup and cheese to the student’s
OBSERVATION 3 hamburgers. After her teacher says, “You may eat!” all the students including S.D. immediately go for the hamburgers. S.D. held on to the top of her shirt near her neck as she finished chewing the first bite of her food. She is now looking at those in front of her and slightly moves her head back and forth. Afterwards, S.D. then takes her arm and briefly moves it quickly from the back of her head to the top of her head. S.D. is now raising her hand among the other students at her table for milk. She then picks up her burger and continues to eat it, while holding her pinky in the air. Her teacher hands her a juice and then S.D. passes it to another student. S.D. is now playing with her spoon and cries out to her teacher, “Can I have another cheese?” She is now feeding herself and holding the spoon in her mouth for a long period of time. She then removes the spoon and continues to chew. The spoon is now back in her mouth and then she takes her milk and drinks a good amount of

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