Hamil Tawn Research Paper

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The problem
This is Hamul-tawn, but it is pronounced Tom. He is a boy from syria his parents are dead in front of him because of the bombings. Hamul-tawn can 't go to school because it was destroyed by the bombings. With no education he has no future,but Hamul-tawn has bigger problems like not having electricity or running water,but Hamul-tawn is not the only syrian who this has happened to.
My solution
With so many people without jobs and power we take all the Syrian refugees and we put them in giant bombproof hamster wheels, and have them run for food. his helps with the homeless problem they can live in there giant bombproof hamster wheels. Plus the energy that they make will be converted into electricity which in turn will be used to make
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they 'll say things like that is inhumane you can 't treat people like giant hamsters. they might say something like the way we should help the Syrian people is by defeating Isis, and helping them rebuild their society and economic standing in the world, and when you ask them how they would defeat Isis they would tell you something like the United States should team up with Russia instead of fighting with each other about what 's best for Syria. like a bunch of cowards the communist would prefer us to work together combining our strengths and dank memes what 's skum the Communists are. conclusion So as you can see my idea is the superior of the two granted with giant hamster wheels and endorsement of dank meme Masters, Morgan Freeman and the president of the Milwaukee Star Wars fan club it 's hard to go wrong. dare I say that the only thing that would make this plan better would be
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