Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson Essay

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The Federalists and Democratic-Republicans almost never agreed about anything. The founders of the parties had ideas about how to run the country that were so different that they had to create two separate political parties. They disagreed on almost every topic they discussed, but some major feuds were about whether our economy should rely on manufacturing or agriculture, our federal government should be led by wealthy or average people, our federal government should be stronger or the states should have more power, and what country we should support during the French revolution. The founder of the Federalist Party was named Alexander Hamilton. He was born in the West Indies and raised on a Caribbean island called St. Croix. When Hamilton…show more content…
He was born in Virginia to a wealthy and respected family. One of ten children, he had many talents. When he was a child, he learned to ride, hunt, sing, and dance. He also learned how to play the violin, which was why he carried one with him in all his travels. Jefferson managed to set himself up as a Virginia tobacco planter with land from his father. After establishing himself as a planter, Jefferson entered Virginia politics. As a politician, he lacked the ability to make stirring speeches. Instead, Jefferson spoke eloquently with his pen and his words in the Declaration of Independence and other writings are still read and admired today. George Washington chose him to be the secretary of…show more content…
Federalists supported Britain because they are America’s parent country. Britain also had a superior economic system than France did. Jefferson thought we should help the French because they helped us gain our independence from Britain and were convicted to liberty. The Federalists and Democratic - Republicans didn 't get along or agree. The Federalist Party was created by a man, who grew up poor and had to struggle to get to the top, named Alexander Hamilton. A man who was born into a wealthy family, Thomas Jefferson, Founded the Democratic - Republicans. They had multiple large topics that split them and some that people still argue about
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