Hamilton Vs Thomas Jefferson

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“Whenever the people are well informed they ca be trusted with their own government; whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notes, they may by relied on to set them to rights” (Jefferson 1789). Thomas Jefferson believed that people should be able to run their own government and to just let nature rule. He trusts that all people wanted to be good and would be good if they were left alone. Thought that if a person messed up people should just work it out among themselves and the government should stay out of it. Jefferson thought that people would be better off without a government ruling over them. Jefferson believed that if America was going to be called a free country that it should be free and not have anyone ruling of other each other and everyone can do as the please. Unlike Hamilton who…show more content…
If I had to choose a side, it would be Hamilton. I strongly believe he seen that America needed a government to rule over people, but the government also needed to work for the people. Although America has altered the government and the way it runs I feel he had the best sense of what the future of America looked like. Jefferson also did amazing thing for this country as well such as fighting for free public education, separation of church and state, the freedom of press, and to end all slavery. Jefferson did not help wright the Constitution directly, because he was out of the country. He very frequently talked to the people writing it and voiced his option on what he thought needed to happen. Also at first Jefferson did not support the Constitution, but over time and after a few changes he stated to support it. I feel that both men brought good points of view on how they thought that America should be ran. Although I believe in Hamilton points of views more than Jefferson’s I think that the people of America have done a good job on using both men’s point of views to make that best country
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