Hamiltonians And Jeffersonians Essay

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4. Discuss the essential differences between Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians during the 1790s. The Hamiltonians, followers of Alexander Hamilton, and the Jeffersonians, followers of Thomas Jefferson created a faction of sorts after the establishment of the Constitution. The Hamiltonians had worked to “establish a national network of influence that embodied all the worst features of a party” (Brinkley, 171). They appeared to be creating a “menacing and tyrannical structure of power” and those who opposed them created a separate political organization. This rift between the two parties started an ongoing political faction between the “Republicans” and the “Federalists.” The Hamiltonians believed that common people of that time behaved foolishly …show more content…

Great Britain went into debt after the French and Indian war causing them to have to find some way to make more revenue. In order to try to climb out of debt, Britain started to enforce new taxations and regulation such as the sugar, currency, and stamp act and the internal and external taxes (Brinkley, 112-113). With the taxations placed on the colonists there was a new found argument of “taxation without representation.” That was one of the main arguments for breaking away the Great Britain. Without that argument, the argument of the colonists separating from Great Britain might not have ever occurred. Another reason the French and Indian war helped start the oncoming American Revolution was all of the boycotts as a result of Britain trying to increase its revenue from the colonists and crawl out of debt. The boycotts of British products - hurting the British mercantile system- were much more effective after the French and Indian War and the fact that the French lost the war made France more interested in helping the colonists in the American Revolution (Brinkley, 112-113). The money France offered proved to be a key piece to the colonies gaining their independence from Britain. Without the French and Indian war it’s doubtful the American Revolution would ever have

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