Hamlet As A Tragedy

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William Shakespeare, who made use of ancient stories, myths and plays with the devices of English language brilliantly was one of the most significant playwrights of his era. Attracting their attention, his plays drew Elizabethan and Jacobean audience to theaters but one of his tragedies stood out, Hamlet. Being a remake of a Danish legend recorded around 13th century, Hamlet is an ideal representation of revenge tragedy which was conventional in the time of Shakespeare.That is to say the legend of Amleth, out of being a melodrama turned into one of the most substantial tragedies of all time with Shakespeare’s Hamlet.And in this paper we are going to observe how Hamlet has become a tragedy through the points of madness,
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But after he witnesses his “blenching” he cannot kill him (71). Even at the peak of his passion, when Hamlet finds Claudius praying, he cannot kill him because his reason tells him that if he kills Claudius praying “he goes to heaven” (97). His indecisiveness between acting on his emotions and not to act according to his reason brings his death.
Secondly, Hamlet is indecisive switching between his emotions and reason, melancholic because of his father’s death and his mother’s hasty marriage to his uncle, but he is not mad as some critics argue. Regarding Hamlet is a revenge tragedy, madness is a theme of the play but he’s not truly mad. He pretends to be mad to distract his uncle and mother so that he can reveal the truth of his father’s murder. Even though he gives the signs of his feigned madness throughout the play he first articulates these words to his friend Horatio at the end of act I scene

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