Hamlet Act 1 Summary

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Title: “Hamlet”
Author: Shakespeare
Summary: Act I, scene i
In Elsinore Castle located in Denmark, Bernardo comes to take over for Francisco who is the watchman. They can’t see each other due to the darkness. Francisco prepares to leave, thanking Bernardo. Marcellus then comes to Bernardo who is another watchman and Prince Hamlet’s friend Horatio is there as well. Both Bernardo and Marcellus both want Horatio to stay because they want to show him something. They tell him softly that they have seen the ghost of the late Kind Hamlet for the past two night. Horatio doesn’t really believe them, however, then the ghost shows up then disappears. Horatio is scared and notices that the ghost did look the late King Hamlet dressed in armor. Horatio believes that the ghost is trying to bring a warning of a misfortune. The ghost comes and Horatio tries to talk to it. The ghost does not reply and disappears at the crow cocks at the sight of dawn. Horatio says that they should inform Prince Hamlet about this incidence, he thinks that the ghost may speak to his son.

Analysis: Shakespeare uses imagery very vividly. He describes the scene and the surroundings of the how late at night this encounter is. When
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Wright’s husband has been found dead, strangled to death in the farmhouse with a rope. Mrs. Wright instantly becomes a suspect in the murder of her husband. Sheriff Peters with a neighbor farmer Mrs. Hale come to the house to find clues, however the real detectives are Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. Thanks to their mindset of a woman, they noticed womanly thing such as Mrs. Wright’s unfinished quilt, and the details like that help solve the case. The women discovers an empty birdcage and later finds the canary to the cage dead with its neck wrung, they quickly put the clues together. Mr. Wright killed the bird, and Mrs. Wright got revenge on her husband by killing him the same way. The ladies then hide the bird from their husbands, leaving Mrs. Wright off the
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