Compare And Contrast Hamlet And A Farewell To Arms Dying

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Hamlet spent his whole life in the pursuit of perfection and jack spent his years doing the same. There isn’t any reason as to how they both should have come to a devastating demise however Shakespeare and Ernest Hemmingway understood the way war destroys the mind, body and soul, how loss kept their characters in the dark when it came to those they loved the most. How lion hearts became tame and the minds of men became shallow graves for lost memories is a wonder to us all.
Catherine: "The brave dies perhaps two thousand deaths if he 's intelligent. He simply doesn 't mention them. (Pg. 140) Dying means many things. In the case of the main characters in Hamlet and A Farwell to Arms dying was breaking their promises to themselves. A promise to go to war is an action in itself. A promise to kill a person who committed regicide, and a promise to save thousands of warriors. All carry the personal importance that ate them alive. Hamlets severe inability to kill Claudius made him despise himself, made him despise the bravery he lost therefore breaking a vow to
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A dream is so profound in the way you could be anything. Hamlet a king ruling the castle, bringing it to peace, making Denmark a safe haven, and having Ophelia rule at his side. Henry living in a small house with Catherine raising their child. Sadly, dreams have no place in wars fought in countries, families, or minds. This is where they broke when even their dreams were fueled by the nightmares of day. When the realization finally hit Henry, he became a statue among the living, unable to mourn, unable to feel anything, after the death of so many what do you expect. Whilst Hamlet let his dreams follow him to his grave finally being safe with his god and his family ruling over nothing having everything. A dream is but a shadow we don’t even lose it in death but in the dark of night when no one can see it’s gone and jack continued living in a state of perpetual
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