Hamlet And A Midsummer's Night Dream Analysis

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A play within a play is a handy literary device that manages different plots with a story. Thomas Kyd first used the use of a play within a play in "The Spanish Tragedy" in 1587. Hamlet was famous for this device. The author of Hamlet and A Midsummer 's Night Dream is Shakespeare. Hamlet is a tragedy about a prince whose uncle murdered Hamlet 's fathers for the crown. The story of Hamlet is a story about death, lust, and greed where Hamlet ultimately ends up depressed and dead. In contrast, A Mid Summer 's Night Dream is a comedy about four Athenian lovers who had been tricked into loving the wrong person. This story is full of misconnections and funny twists. Eventually, each character ends up happily with the right person. Shakespeare used plays within a play to explore different ways to further the story. Using a play within a play brings out another dynamic branch to its plot. Shakespeare united Comedy vs. Tragedy in a play within a play and shows the difference in them. Though-out the stories, Shakespeare uses a play within a play to highlight the story plot and the general theme of the play. A famous play for a play within a play was A Midsummer Night Dream. A Mid Summers Night 's Dream has a group of clowns performing a play during the weddings of the Athenian lovers. One reason Shakespeare planted the actors in the play was to lighten the mood. During the play, the actors proclaimed a disclaimer that everything was fake and was fun. The inserted play was about

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