Hamlet And Agamemnon Analysis

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Hamlet and Agamemnon are both extraordinary plays that deal with big themes, such as; Love, Loss, Pride, the abuse of power, and distraught relationships between men and Gods. The protagonists, Hamlet and Agamemnon, are both of high status, and both commit terrible crimes without realizing their arrogance or foolishness. Hamlet is more tragic than Agamemnon for various reasons including, the nobility and bravery, multiple deaths, and honorable military service in Hamlet. Hamlet is good, kind, noble and loved by the Danish people in his role as price of Denmark. Unfortunately his dear, beloved father died. Hamlet is deeply hurt because his father died however, he is even more shocked by the fact that his mother married his uncle, Claudius. Indeed, the loyalty and love between parents and their children is a powerful force. Prince Hamlet sees and converses with the ghost/spirit of his father learning that the King of Denmark, Hamlet’s father, was killed by Claudius. Hamlet seeks revenge to avenge his father’s death, he starts to plot his plan into motion; for revenge is more powerful than everything else. Hamlet is not eager to kill his uncle thus he awaits until the mere end. Agamemnon is the complete opposite to Hamlet’s character as he murders Clytemnestra’s husband to marry her,…show more content…
Claudius murdered a King, stole a kingdom and the Queen, as well as planned the murder of Prince Hamlet. Agamemnon raped, killed, sacrificed the life of his daughter, and took the princess of Troy as prize. Clytemnestra avenged her daughter’s life by killing Agamemnon, but she also took innocent Princess Cassandra’s life. Overall, Hamlet was more tragic than Agamemnon as more innocence and remorse was seen, as well as the fact that there were many more deaths and the order was restored with the Danish people once again liking Prince
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