Hamlet And Suicide Essay

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In the story Hamlet by William Shakespeare, it references many ideologies within the topic of suicide. Which presented many powerful meaning and aspects towards the idea of suicide. It’s particular shown among Hamlet himself due to the fact of his young personality phase of whom is seemingly trying to escape the reality he lives in. Profoundly, Hamlet undergoes throughout the play a tough decision of what are the consequences of going through with suicide and how it could affect him puritanically. The first case that suicide is introduced, is through a soliloquy that states,” O, that this too, too sullied flesh would melt” (Shakespeare, 9). In other words, that even though Hamlet wants to kill himself, it’ll counter his religious belief in…show more content…
For example, even though Catholics are told that such afterlife exists, it’s considered a wrongdoing to control when you want to die. Which is why, suicide is intolerable for Hamlet to commit, since he sees it, as a sin against his God. In general, his faith played a vital role in the story to the decision’s he made of not attempting suicide and thinking more righteously. But yet again, throughout the play, as he understands the reality of human under his perspective, he begins to drift his mind into a world that he can’t hold on to. In other words, religion seems to have failed him in order to think positively and to have his morals in…show more content…
From not giving into his lack of morals throughout the story, from actually wanting to suicide. By remembering on what he really believed in by being loyal and committed to his religion. Also by acknowledging the bright side of actually being alive, since no one has a precise understanding of what is actually behind the afterlife. All in all, these aspects assembled a broad importance to the story, for giving Hamlet his way of comprehending suicide in his own

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