Hamlet Believes His Father's Death Analysis

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They think it 's a murder, but Hamlet knows different. Hamlet knows how his father actually died, every one else thought his dad 's death was just an accident. Two months after his fathers death Hamlet gets a visit which makes him question how his father actually died, he starts acting "crazy," then he plot revenge. In the beginning every one in town thinks the Kings death is just an accident, later one hamlet gets a visit that starts to make him question how his father really died. Hamlet sees a ghost like figure that he soon decides to follow through the court yard away from others, this way he will be able to talk to what ever it is; after doing so her learns that this ghost is the spirit of his father. When he starts relaxing that he is not just seeing this spirit but he can actually talk to it, he learns that it is his fathers spirit that is "doom ' for a certain term to walk the night," due to this encounter he the learns that his fathers death wasn 't in fact an accident but it was a murder. A murder done by someone close and dear to their family. While talking to his fathers spirit they come up with a plan that…show more content…
Through the next few days Hamlets attitude changes dramatically, due to this he acts as if he doesn 't know who is who, starts mistaking people who he used to know really well for people he barely knows. He gets together with a select few people so they know what 's actually happening and making sure everything he 's planning is still going as plan. Gertrude tries talking to hamlet to tell him to "cast thy nighters color off, and let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark." Pretty much saying to stop acting the way he is because his fathers death was well over two months ago. All Gertrude wants is for hamlet to be able to be sane again that way people weren 't questioning what actually was going on. Through the weeks Hamlets attitude gets worse making even his closest friends question whether Hamlet is actually crazy or if he is still just

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