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“Hamlet” and the Magic of The Globe Theatre Through the Eyes of a Commoner On the way to the theatre, we cross the Thames by London Bridge, with its numerous shops and swarming stands. On the Bankside, beyond the end of the bridge, is located this impressive hexagonal in shape building. The Globe Theatre looks quite extraordinary, nothing like I have seen before. It feels as a dream of mine is coming true. Walking inside, I see this majestic building, with a wide inner court, and looking up, I see the blue sky over our heads; there is no roof above us. The pit is full with groundlings, waiting to see Shakespeare’s remarkable play Hamlet. It is quite noisy at the yard, and my husband says that this is not an appropriate spot for a …show more content…

Moments in it, such as the scene within the scene, make the play quite unpredictable. The short play in Hamlet in which the prince “catches the consciousness of the king”, are acted in the recess. That creates even more excitement for the spectators. It is fairly enthusing to see the actors, close to you, even if I am not in the pit, still all can be felt and experienced as strongly, by seating in the galleries. The whole atmosphere is as if we are at a feast, celebrating all together. Another exciting moment is when a scene change occurs. When the curtain is closed, with a few simple changes of properties in the inner section, a different background becomes possible. The platform in the pit is being transformed quickly as well, and by using our imagination; a transformation from a castle to a field is becoming possible. Another fascinating moment during Hamlet is when Polonius hides in the discovery space so he can spy on Hamlet and Gertrude. This is an intriguing moment as well, because it happens unexpectedly for the audience. The discovery space is located behind the doorway in the tiring-house façade. It is curious that the tiring house is the dressing room for the actors, but it is also used as a space from where the actors make their entrances. In addition, it is quite fascinating to watch a play that is being performed on a two level stage. The Globe Theatre has a main stage and an upper stage. In Hamlet, the upper stage is used to give the effect of a tower, or walls in a

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