Analysis Of Gregory Maguire's Hamlet Chronicles

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Hamlet Chronicles is a series of children 's novels by American author Gregory Maguire who is best known for his revisionist works of children stories. The debut novel of the Hamlet Chronicles was the 1994 published Seven Spiders Spinning that was so popular that it spawned six more titles culminating in One Final Firecracker that came out in 2005. Maguire was born in Albany New York as the middle child among seven. He went to a Catholic high school before proceeding to State University of New York where he got his bachelor in English, Simmons College for his master in Children 's Literature and Tufts University for his doctorate in American Literature and English. From 1979 and 1986 he served as co director and professor at the Department for the Study of Children 's Literature at Simmons College. He has been a board member and co-founder of several children 's and literary organizations including the Concord Free Press, the Boston Public Library, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and National Children 's Book and Literary Alliance. He published his first children 's novel The Lightning…show more content…
With April Fools Day on the horizon, the students of Joshua Fawcett school busy composing their April Fools pranks and jokes for their friends and family. But they have top put aside their pranks when their class teacher Miss Earth disappears. Rumor has it that Miss Earth may have fallen victim to a mysterious creature that stalks local farm animals that had been seen in town a few days past. Another theory is that her esteemed fiance Mayor Grass may be somehow involved. The students get together to try to find answers to these questions so that they can get back their teacher before something bad happens. It is an excellent installment full of suspense and humor though it talks of more serious themes such as family relationships and
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