Hamlet 'Convocation Of Politic Worms Are E' En At Him

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The quotation was said by Hamlet and it starts in line 20 - 25 in Act IV Scene III. This passage develops character by having Hamlet act clever towards Claudius, while Claudius is endeavoring to figure out where Polonius ' body is. Furthermore, it serves to develop the plot and conflict as Hamlet has created an uproar with the killing of Polonius. He must realize that Laertus will soon come to to seek revenge, which will bring about chaos. The theme developed would be the death of Polonius, nobody knew why Hamlet had killed him, and Claudius wanted to send Hamlet off to England to be executed. Hamlet says, "convocation of politic worms are e 'en at him." This is an allusion since the audience knows that Hamlet has hidden Polonius ' body

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