Hamlet Deceiving Others In Hamlet

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Almost every character in the tragedy, Hamlet by Shakespeare intentionally or unintentionally deceives others by not showing who they really are or how they really feel. Hamlet is the greatest example of deceiving others because throughout the whole play he is never truly showing who he is or how he feels unless he’s alone and the audience or readers are the only ones who really know who he truly is. How ever what the readers and audience cannot decide on is whether or not hamlet deceives the other characters on purpose for a greater accomplishment or do the events that occur to him really change who he was in the beginning of the play. The plays main focus is based on hamlet’s way of viewing the other characters and how to make them feel like he wants them to feel. Hamlet deceives them so he can get everyone to think the way he wants them to think. Hamlet 's encounter with the ghost makes him decide what his plan is and how his father wants him to avenge his death by killing king claudius. The audience nor the readers of the play really understand what is going on inside hamlets mind. He could have possibly already thought about how he was gonna deceive everyone so that he would be able to carry out his plan. The death of hamlet’s father was really hard on hamlet for he was the only one who actually cared and loved Villezcas 2 his father. Gertrude and everyone else did not care for the sudden death of hamlet 's father. Hamlet’s mother remarried claudius right after the

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