Hamlet Dialect Is The Language In Hamlet

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Dialect is the language used by specific regions, class and social groups. It involves grammar and spelling. In comparison, accent is the way in which we pronounce words, the differences in vowels and consonant sounds, syllabic stress. Considering this, I rewrote a spoken narrative from ‘Humans of New York’ in a Yorkshire accent and dialect. Using words such as ‘gallack’ instead of saying ‘when we left’, relating to the dialect of Yorkshire, and rewriting words such as ‘theear’ instead of ‘there’ to exaggerate the Yorkshire accent.

At the beginning of this project, I dedicated my creative piece to the Cornish/west country dialect.To express this dialect I had chosen a monologue from ‘The Great Gatsby’. However, even though gathering thorough research it was apparent that this was a challenge. Speaking an accent or dialect is relatively easier than it is to write, and even when hearing an accent, such as west country, you still may not be using the correct dialect and phrases. Due to the lack of experience in this dialect, I decided on using a spoken narrative chosen from ‘the humans of new york project’, and to then rewrite this in the Yorkshire dialect/accent.

Since I am from
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Meaning ‘long’ would become ‘lang’. Trudgill believes that this phonology derives from old Anglo-Saxon. Alongside this, medieval pronunciation such as employing monophthongs - pure vowels- in the Yorkshire dialect changing the phonology of ‘house’ to ‘hoos’. As well this it is also common to hear ‘h-dropping’ in the Yorkshire dialect - ‘happy’ becoming ‘appy’ - and also the pronunciation of ‘ing’ becoming ‘in’ ( e.g. ‘dancing’ becomes ‘dancin’). This can also be seen in the different social classes in Yorkshire. For example, lower classes would most likely exaggerate ‘h-dropping’, whilst more upper classes would
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