Hamlet Eulogy For Father

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I stand here today not wishing to be seen by you as a Queen, but as Gertrude, mother of Hamlet and wife of Hamlet senior, King of Denmark, the latter of which is newly deceased.

Today we shall remember, remember the hardships, triumph’s and cheerfulness of such a noble man, who has endured many arduous tasks so that we may be safe, protected and to loved.
Throughout Denmark, the king was well-known not only for his caring personality and loving nature, but for his brave heart and prowess in battle. Therefore we can all, as one take this opportunity to thank him.
Thank him for making sure that we were safe throughout his reign, thank him for endlessly fighting away our enemies and for giving to the people of the kingdom. Thank him, and
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My marriage to him was pre-decided by my family, organizing my life without asking me about it. This made me want anything other than to meet you, but i was forced to for my future and well-being.
I was not one to easily fall in love, with my personality and lazy efforts love was not easy for us to achieve, but as Hamlet Snr stayed with me and constantly showed affection for me, i found myself, unwillingly but truly falling in love.
Although i have told you before, i again am sorry for all the stress that I had put you through before our marriage.
I still remember the day that we met, standing face to face, a whisker from each other, your parents behind you and mine behind myself.
I was worried as well as immature and therefore ran off, seeing the anger on my parents faces as i ran through the castle doors with the guilt burning inside me. Before i started to flee, i vividly remember your expression.
You showed a flicker of sadness through your brow as it creased inwards. But as you were back then, with the same courage you still posses, as soon as i began to run, i heard you coming after
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