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Fearing death and all that comes with it can cause major problems to a person, groups of people, or to a society. Sometimes the person fears what comes after death more than death itself. Death causes great anxiety to several characters in Hamlet. One such character is Hamlet himself. In Act three scene one, Hamlet questions whether he should continue living or if death would be better with the lines, “To be or not to be…”. Hamlet is depressed, which is leading him down the road to contemplating suicide. He states later on that he continues living because it is a sin to commit suicide, and he would rather go to Heaven if the option were open. Another character that fears death is the King of Denmark, Claudius. He killed his brother, the former King of Denmark, which was a sin. King Claudius is afraid of death because he will be eternally tormented. Both Hamlet and Claudius fear death and what comes after because they do not want to end up tormented for any sins they committed while alive. Fear is something everyone feels eventually. One of the most common…show more content…
If Hamlet thought about death and life, he might have found a way to get passed his fear of death and could have accepted life and all that comes with it. Also, if Hamlet talked to his Mother, Ophelia, or Horatio, his fear of death may never have come up because he may not have gotten so depressed. Claudius on the other hand would probably have to talk to a priest and ask for forgiveness. He could also talk to Gertrude about what happened and ask for her forgiveness. For both characters, meditation probably would have helped them the most because they would be able to contemplate all that has happened without being interrupted or judged. I think that they should have talked to somebody or looked for guidance from their religion to help them sort through all their problems, sins, and

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