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Hamlet Film Study Media Essay

The famous play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare has been recreated by many different film directors based on their standpoint of the play. By analyzing the acting, lighting, direction, and the costume in act 3 scene 1, act 3, scene 4, and act 5, scene 2, both Branagh and Zefferelli's version of Hamlet have effective media components that develop both of their films in different ways. The acting in act 3, scene 4 in Branagh’s film is done exquisitely, Kenneth brought out the character of Hamlet to its full potential, The lighting in this scene of Zeffirelli's film was also very well done. The direction in act 3, scene 1 is played out perfectly and in a very intelligent manner. Lastly the Costume selection was chosen
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In this scene Hamlet begins the “To be or not to be” soliloquy. There are many mirrors in the room, but Kenneth Branagh decides to make Hamlet speak to the one that the King and Polonius are hiding behind. In the “To be or not to be speech” Hamlet talks about life after death and how people are afraid of the end. While Hamlet speaks to himself in the mirror he believes no one is there. As he moves closer to the one way mirror, staring at his reflection while speaking of death, he suddenly pulls out his knife and points it at the mirror. Hamlet can only see himself, but the knife is also being pointed at King Claudius and Polonius. This point in the scene is very significant because it foreshadows that Hamlet is going to kill the king and Polonius. It also foreshadows that Hamlet is going to die because the knife is also facing him through the mirror. Another interesting point about this scene is that all three of these characters were all killed by a sword or a dagger, a sharp end, which was also the weapon pointed at the mirror. All of these characters were killed due to Hamlet's madness and obsession to kill his king Claudius. Therefore, the direction in this scene of Kenneth Branagh’s film was very well thought out and

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