Analysis Of Laertes As A Character Foil For Hamlet

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Serving as a character foil for Hamlet, Laertes is a very unique character. His character throughout the play is very impulsive, through thinking and acting. His father Polonius even tells him that he must be careful on how he acts and gives him advice on how he must act. (Act 1 Scene 3) Besides being impulsive, Laertes is a caring person as well. When his father died, he returned home in vengeance. When his sister went crazy, his first reaction was anger and pain, but it then turned to anger seeing how affected she was by her father’s death. Later on when she dies, he storms out filled with rage and at her funeral, he was crying so much that Hamlet fought him to prove he was affected more. Hamlet and Laertes are character foils for one another.
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