Hamlet Love Ophelia's Death Analysis

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Hamlet looked down and saw Ophelia in her grave at her pale body, Hamlet was thinking the way he treated Ophelia and how much he really loved her. Hamlet will never see Ophelia again. In the play, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet was at Ophelia’s grave and he jumped in because he really loved and felt bad for the way he rejected her. Ophelia died by drowning herself. Hamlet made a big list of all the things he would do to love Ophelia. Hamlet wanted to love Ophelia again but she was already dead and Hamlet will remember her and felt terrible and would do anything for Ophelia and Hamlet would do all the things he lists to yearn Ophelia freshly. Hamlet wrote a letter to love Ophelia, showing how much he loved her. For example…show more content…
Hamlet was not acting normal when he jumped into Ophelia’s grave. Ophelia’s death was making him act irrationally and charged at Laertes. Afraid of Laertes he did not understand how much he love her and said crazy things so Hamlet cared more for Ophelia more than Laertes. In addition when Hamlet was at the funeral Hamlet would miss being with Ophelia and he should have never betrayed her. As a result Hamlet’s reaction to his love for Ophelia shows he cares also he reacts her to her death. Hamlet react strongly after Ophelia dies. Hamlet vaulted inside her grave and fights and while Hamlet was fighting he said “ That’s no way to pray please take your hands off my throat I may not be rash and be quick to anger but I have something dangerous in me with you should beware of and to take your hands off”. ( Shakespeare 295 and 297) In addition Hamlet would love Ophelia more than 40,000 brothers to be with her and he says “ I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers, if you added all their love together, couldn’t match mine.” ( Shakespeare 297) Mahon
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