Hamlet as a Manifestation of Shakespeare's Depression

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Was Hamlet a manifestation of Shakespeare’s depression?
Shakespeare had three children with his wife Anne Hathaway. Their names were Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. Hamnet and Judith were twins however Hamnet was sickly and died before the age of eleven. It has been speculated the Hamlet is supposed to be based on Hamnet’s name. However, Hamnet might not have been the only basis for Hamlet. Three months after Hamnet’s death Shakespeare’s father passed away. This is similar to Hamlet’s experience with death which included the loss of his father him being forced to see his mother remarry, the death of his love interest and subsequently the deaths of his mother, Laertes and himself. Shakespeare’s depression could have been caused by the loss of his family members both in his adult life and his young life when his sister Anne died at the age of seven while he was fourteen. The deaths of his family members and the
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Some of their similarities include both Shakespeare and Hamlet lost their fathers early in their lives. However, Hamlet’s father was murdered by his uncle and was younger than Shakespeare’s father when he died. Hamlet was also younger than Shakespeare when he lost his father. Shakespeare had a wife and children while Hamlet was unmarried and was childless. Hamlet displayed suicidal thoughts and tendencies while Shakespeare became more creative in his grief and wrote many comedies. Hamlet was forcibly called back to Denmark after his father’s funeral but Shakespeare went back to his home to see the burial of his son and father. Shakespeare’s mother was also not said to be having an affair with Shakespeare’s uncle while Gertrude has an affair with Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle. Shakespeare also saw his son buried 11 August 1596 while Hamlet did not come back to Denmark to see his father but was forced to come back after to see his mother and uncle’s wedding three months

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