Hamlet Motivates Character Analysis

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What motivates the character’s actions/behaviors most? Hamlet is the son of the now deceased, King Hamlet. “If thou didst ever thy dear father love” (I.v.27). When King Hamlet was killed everybody saw Hamlet in a depressed state of mind, and for the longest time it seemed as though he was grieving and looking for answers to many questions. Those question were quickly answered when the supposed ghost of King Hamlet came “back from the dead”, as he wished to speak with Hamlet. He then told Hamlet that he did not die of natural causes, but his death was caused by his uncle, now King Claudius. This is when the ghost tells Hamlet to “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder”(I.v.29), This is the motivation behind all of Hamlet’s actions through the rest of Act 1, and 2, as his quest is to revenge his father’s early passing, and take rule over Denmark. What brings the character pain? How does this pain manifest itself? Hamlet usually shows pain when the discussion of his father comes up, but usually he doesn’t show pain, instead he is most commonly know to show is anger, which can be said is a sign from is pain. “[I’m] but mad north-north-west.”(II.ii.371). “When the wind is Southerly”(II.ii 371-372). This is an example of paradox as Shakespeare is using these two directions of wind as a sign of confusion among Hamlet and Guildenstern. Even though is Hamlet speaking to Guildenstern about King Claudius, and Queen Gertrude, he is saying that he is only mad when the wind is
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