Reflection On The Movie Hamlet

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The book Hamlet was written by Williams Shakespeare and first published in the year1603. The book ‘Hamlet’ is one of Shakespeare’s most famous books; it has been acted out several times for various occasions. Various people have also produced the movie Hamlet. I have watched a couple of ‘Hamlet’ movies produced by various people and in different years. But I find this very one most interesting, Hamlet produced in the year 2009.This is so because the movie is produced in a 21st century setting, which makes me able to relate with it faster. The movie was produced by John Wyver and Sebastian Grant and directed by Gregory Doran. People generally prefer reading books to watching the movie, because books make one to imagine and picture what would…show more content…
Although it wasn’t stated in the book that the clothes worn by the Danish Royal dynasty were vintage but according to the time frame in which Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, we know that the clothes worn in the movie did not exist at the time frame. Based on my knowledge on history I know royalties usually wear robes, velvet dresses but in the movie we see them wearing suit and ties, lace dresses. Hamlet wore jeans and a casual top regularly, this really helped me in relating to the movie. There was an observation I made while watching the movie at the scene in the movie when Ophelia was telling Polonius her father about Hamlet’s appearance when he came to her sewing room. In the book she said “My lord as I was sewing in my closet Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced, No hat upon his head, his stockings fouled” (2.1.77-79). Although she said the exact same thing in the movie, I find the statement used very strangely in the context of the movie. It’s a 21st century movie were a number of people wear hats moreover Hamlet was never seen in the movie before that scene wearing a
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