Hamlet Murder Of Polonius Analysis

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Today, I will analyze the reason behind hamlet’s murder of Polonius. There are three possible explanations for his actions. We can say that Hamlet murders Polonius because he is simply deranged, because he tries to feign his madness, or maybe he is just so self absorbed that he does not know himself anymore.
We can clearly see that Hamlet is deranged based on what he says to his mother. Before the murder of Polonius, Hamlet and Gertrude were having an argument, Hamlet says he will set a mirror up in front of her, then slice her open so that she can see her own internal organs. It is hard to believe a person who talks like this is sane. Another example is that he does not tell anyone where he hid Polonius' body. The reasons behind this action
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Hamlet is using this false madness as a cover from Claudius. This is so Claudius does not suspect him of his real intentions, which is to murder him. Proof of his false insanity is seen when he talks with Polonius. He manages to convince Polonius of his madness by pretending that he did not know who Polonius was, and by calling him a fish monger. Hamlet knew that Polonius was spying on him on behalf of Claudius, so he faked his insanity so that Claudius would not see him as a threat and therefore be oblivious to his real intentions. Secondly, Hamlet hides the body and does not tell anyone where it is initially, but he intended to reveal the whereabouts of the body anyway. This action does not make sense, why would Hamlet hide a body he intended to reveal? This lacks logic, and common sense is the basis of insanity. He succussfully portrays madness with lack of logic to his actions in order to keep Claudius from suspecting that he knew of Claudius' guilt for the murder. Therefore, his action keeps him away from others so his real intentions are not easily visible. The fact that Hamlet has committed murder is supported because of the following reason; Hamlet is so distracted and consumed with avenging his father’s death that he is not in touch with his own feelings. Furthermore, this proves that what he has done to achieve his purpose is irational. Hamlet explains god punished him for not avenging

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