Hamlet Precis Analysis

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A Précis of Hamlet: A Tale of Revenge Name: Ahmed Ramzy Hassan Class: 12-A Teacher: Ms. Pakinam Something strange was happening in Denmark. For two successive nights, the guards have witnessed the ghost of Old Hamlet, the recently deceased King of Denmark. Horatio, a scholar and friend of Prince Hamlet of Denmark, witnessed this apparition and then reported it to Hamlet. Claudius, Old Hamlet's brother, recently became the new king, and married Old Hamlet's widow, Gertrude. A marriage celebration ensued but a threat from the Prince of Norway, Fortinbras, was received, which Claudius avoided using diplomacy. Hamlet attended the celebration in disgust, as his mother married Claudius so soon after his father's demise. When…show more content…
He requested a slightly modified tragedy, which would depict the death of his father. He wanted to confirm whether Claudius is really guilty. Ophelia approached Hamlet in private, with Claudius and Polonius hidden behind a tapestry. When Hamlet behaved cruelly to Ophelia, they decided that heartbreak was not the reason. In the course of the play, Gertrude became flustered by Hamlet's veiled accusations and insults for her recent remarriage. However, Claudius was shaken as he was truly guilty of his brother's murder. He then decided to get rid of Hamlet by sending him to England. Following the play, Gertrude summoned Hamlet to her room in order to berate. Hamlet retaliated by accusing her of insulting his father by marrying Claudius. Polonius, hidden behind a tapestry, thought that Hamlet might attack her and cried for help. Hamlet, who thought it was Claudius, stabbed Polonius through the tapestry. Soon, Hamlet returned to his scolding. Just as Gertrude started begging for mercy, the ghost reappeared and told Hamlet show less cruelty and remember to carry out revenge. After urging his mother to avoid further intimacy, he drags Polonius out of the…show more content…
Back at the Danish Palace of Elsinore, Ophelia was maddened her father's death, and Laertes, with a mob in tow, demanded an explanation for Polonius' death. Claudius tentatively calmed him and convinced him that Hamlet was the murderer. Claudius and Laertes agreed to kill Hamlet. They arranged a duel between Laertes and Hamlet, with Laertes' sword secretly poisoned to guarantee Hamlet's death. Should it fail, Claudius can kill Hamlet by offering a poisoned cup of wine to Hamlet during the contest. Afterwards, Gertrude announced Ophelia’s drowning as Ophelia was by the river. Since it was unsure whether Ophelia’s death was by accident or suicide, her funeral lacked many of the customary rites. Laertes dramatized his grief, which prompted Hamlet to reveal himself and declare his grief. After a small fight, they
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