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Thesis: A tragedy is a play with an unhappy ending and the death of the protagonist. A classic example of a tragedy is Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Hamlet is a classic example of a tragedy with a tragic hero.
I. What is a Shakespearean tragedy?
A) Shakespearean tragedy is a play of suffering and calamity leading.
B) The protagonist has a fatal flaw.
C) The external pressures create a stressful situation.
II. What makes Hamlet a Shakespearean tragedy?
A) The protagonist, Hamlet, is a noble person.
B) Hamlet it “fatally” flawed and placed in a stressful situation.
C) Hamlet dies at the end the play.
III. Characteristics of a tragic hero that Hamlet possesses. (Make references to “Downfall of the Tragic Hero”)
A) Nobility- Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark,

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