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Plot Slide
Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s famous tragedies. Upon hearing about his father’s death, Hamlet returns home to find that his mother, Gertrude, has married her brother-in-law, Claudius. Claudius has taken Hamlet’s place as next in line for the throne and has become king. The ghost of the recently deceased king Hamlet returns to tell his son of his murder. He claims that his killer is Claudius. Hamlet sets out to find out if the ghost is truthful (which he is), and then to get revenge. Along the way he ends up causing 6 unnecessary deaths, including his mother’s. He finally gets revenge by killing Claudius with a poisoned sword and poisoned wine, but not before being poisoned himself. IMPORTANT SCENE - When Hamlet interacts with his
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The very selfish protagonist of this story, he becomes increasingly fearful of Hamlet, as he seems to be insane and could ruin his public image. The scene that exposes his true intentions of maintaining his wrongfully earned power is the scene in which the play put together by Hamlet is being performed. When the play gets to the part depicting his sins, Claudius stands up, stops the performance, then flees the room, exposing the truth about the murder that he has performed.
Setting and Point of View
Hamlet is set inside and in the areas around the royal palace in Elsinore, Denmark. Since Hamlet is part of the royal family, there are expectations for him. Being in the palace, Hamlet is expected to have good behavior, but he does not. This creates even more tension between him and the king. Hamlet is written in the objective third person point of view, basically meaning that there is no insight into the minds of the actors other than what they portray through their words. Since there is no true narrator, it is hard to be able to tell whether or not the point of view is reliable.
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It is very ironic that he would give such inspirational advice, but not be able to follow it himself. “To be or not to be, that is the question” - This is from one of the moments where Hamlet is contemplating suicide. In this specific moment he is trying to decide whether it is more honorable for him to be alive to deal with his problems, or to get rid of them by killing himself. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” - This quote is significant as it expresses Hamlet’s opinion of Denmark, but it also teaches a good lesson. Nothing is good or bad by itself, people’s opinion of that thing makes it good or bad.
Hamlet has not won any awards in it’s book form. (Picture represents me while I was trying to find an award that hamlet has received. Also this is the same Shakespeare that visited Stuart Cramer during Macbeth.)
Shakespeare’s Biography
Born in 1564, the third of eight children, Shakespeare’s childhood is widely speculated on. Many assume he went to his local school and studied Latin. At 18 years old, he married Anne Hathaway. It is believed that they were married due to her pregnancy. Shakespeare had 2 daughters and a son with Anne, but his son did not live to adulthood. In 1592 Shakespeare began to act in and write plays, and by 1599 he had helped establish the Globe Theater. Shakespeare died in 1616, leaving behind the 37 plays and 154 sonnets he had written in his
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