Hamlet Self Respect

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There is a direct link between self respect and an individual's response to injustice. When someone treats us poorly, we might feel the need to fight back because of our self respect, but if we don't we’re letting people control and take advantage of us. It's about proving our self worth and equality amongst our peers. In the novel “Hamlet”, Shakespeare has created this man Hamlet who's father the king has been slain by his uncle Claudius, who is now wed to his mother Gertrude. Before all of this happened hamlets life was perfect, he was going to school and had a lovely girlfriend, heir to the throne. Then his life was flipped and he had to make some hard decisions, an he became very troubled. He walked around depressed and if suicide wasn't …show more content…

Not all people respond with hate and revenge, some people let themselves get walked over but not hamlet. Hamlet does not respond to injustice too kindly. He wants revenge for his father's death, wants to set things right, help out whoever is in charge of people receiving karma by taking things into his own hands. His main goal in the novel is to seek revenge on his father's death, this started when he was visited by the ghost of the old king. The ghost said to him “revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” the ghost of the old king wanted Hamlet to seek revenge on claudius for his ‘unnatural” murder of the kind. Hamlet at first was a little bit weary of the ghost but when the ghost told Hamlet that he was stuck in purgatory until revenge was sought out, hamlet was on board. Hamlet adored his father so when the ghost asked him to seek revenge, and when it told him to murder claudius it's all he focuses on for the majority of the novel. The effect seeking justice had on Hamlet was profound. He became obsessed with finding a proper way to kill the king. His first attempt was to put on a play where he hired actors to recreate the old king's murder to see how the queen and Claudius would react. Hamlet then accidentally kills Polonius the king's right hand man by accident thinking it was the king himself. When he sees that who he just killed wasn't in fact Claudius he figured he was just doing …show more content…

Ophelia was the daughter of polonius, the love interest of hamlet who was brutally torn up mentally throughout the novel. At the beginning of the novel all was well for her as well, her boyfriend was off at college and she was perfectly fine at home with her father. It was until her father took away a note from hamlet to her that things started going downhill. She was a weak person not like hamlet who when faced with injustice takes thing into his own hands to seek justice or revenge. She was a quite simple girl who had a gentler soul. That's why when hamlet rejects her after she slept with him, and when her father dies, she went mad. She told the queen “hen up he rose, and donn’d his clothes, And dupp’d the chamber door; Let in the maid, that out a maid, never departed more. She was talking about how hamlet promised he’d marry her after they slept together, and how she entered a virgin but left with her virginity lost. Hamlet instead rejected her after they slept together, because she's not wife material if she slept with him. He continues to call her someone unfit to have a child, says she's should work for the church or in a brothel as long as she was to never bear children he didn't not care where she ended up. This is where we first see Ophelia deteriorating a person. The next thing that drove her off a cliff was her father being murdered. Claudius said “O, this is the poison of deep grief;

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