Compare And Contrast Laertes And Hamlet

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The Awakening Of Hamlet and Laertes Comparing Laertes and Hamlet. Figuring out how they are alike and dislike in many ways, most of the play they are well alike. After Hamlet kills Polonius, Laertes down the road faces the same problems as Hamlet; a murdered father. In the beginning Laertes and Hamlet didn’t have the same similarities, but since both of there fathers were murdered they both have something in common. While Hamlet, is messing around and playing with the murderer as if he was an animal, Laertes takes immediate action. Throughout the play “Shakespeare” Laertes and Hamlet shows the same love that they share for Ophelia and to how seek revenge on Claudius. What is there loyalty to others? In Shakespeare 's play Hamlet, Laertes and Hamlet’s loyalty is a bit different. Dealing with the characters there loyalty is explained well through their actions, the thoughts that are being spoken upon on; has the audience thinking rather the character is loyal or disloyal. Comparing Laertes and Hamlets loyalty, is very appealing to the crowd. Having loyalty for them can be considered as a good thing, but it can also lead into a negative impact. Hamlet is one of the leading characters in the play, his part that he plays is; is representing him to be a man who is very loyal to his words and vows. Hamlet was the king’s son, and being a son of the king can be a struggle at times. The things hamlet do can reflect on his father on how he is proposed as a king. After hamlet 's
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