Hamlet Uncertainty Of Action Analysis

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This quote takes place in Act IV Scene iv in which Hamlet is just about to board the boat that is to take him to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. This event takes place following Polonius’ murder by Hamlet as an attempt on Claudius’ part to get rid of him. Moreover, this quote is taken from one of Hamlet’s soliloquies preceding his boarding onto the boat. This passage serves to develop theme through how it portrays Hamlet’s indecisiveness furthering the theme of The Uncertainty of Action. One can see this through how in the quote Hamlet is questioning things such as why he can still say that he has not done it, and begins to wonder if it is fear or wisdom that is stopping him. Overall, this shows this theme through how Hamlet, despite planning to for several acts, has still not killed Claudius, proving his indecisiveness and inability to come to a solid decision. Triggered by the arrival of Norwegian troops in Denmark, attempting to make passage into Poland, Hamlet’s soliloquy speaks of his lack of action against Claudius, fearing that it is cowardice that is stopping him. However, Hamlet’s speech does not in fact stop there, as he continues on from speaking of his own war to that of the one about to occur between Poland and Norway. Moreover, when it comes to lines targeted for…show more content…
Moreover, Claudius acknowledges how immense of an action he has committed, making an allusion to the biblical story of Cain and Abel to describe the enormity of it. This reference refers to the biblical story of the first human murder, carried out by one brother, Cain, on the other, Abel. As one can assume this first murder was thought of in the Christian religion as an immensely monstrous event. Therefore, upon comparing Claudius’ act to that of Cain’s it aids in describing to the audience how dreadful of an act, they must feel this to
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