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Hamlet is torn between thoughts of regrets of his father’s spirit command against such an act. Hamlet at first learning of his father spirit was eager to see and was willing at first to kill or imprisoned whoever the murderer was. After hearing that the murderer is his uncle Hamlet does begin to see a connection and was ready to get to revenge. But as time moved on with the encounter with the spirit, Hamlet begins to think that the spirit is the devil by saying “The spirit that i have seen may be the devil! And the devil hath power to assuming a pleasing shape”. He feels that without proof, the act that he’s about to perform will not be justified at all. Next is that Hamlet wants to fulfill his father 's command for justice yet has a hard time acting swiftly because he feels he must have proof. After Hamlet having the thought of his father’s spirit being the devil he feels that he needs proof before committing the fraud against king claudius. He feels that proof will lead to his conviction of that claudius being the murderer and leading to a righteousness way of doing it. Which is why he plans to use the play to get the proof that he needs to make his judge if getting revenge on Claudius is right and justice.…show more content…
Even though Hamlet has never had to deal with a choice like this in his life he feels that he most keep his honor and by making a right and justice choice. Which is why Hamlet has his internal conflict at the end of act II. showing that justice plays a giant role through hamlet 's internal

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