Death In Hamlet

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William Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights of all time, who is known for his comedies, histories, and tragedies. One of the most famous being Hamlet, a play about a prince whose father gets murdered by his uncle, who is now king. Hamlet contemplates death on a path to seek revenge for his father, while pained by the sight of his mother now married to his uncle. “If thou hast nature in the, bear it not”( Shakespeare, William. 61). One of the last words Hamlet heard from the ghost of his father. These words stick with Hamlet through every action he takes. His whole journey is based off of these simple words. When Hamlet found out that his father was murdered he seeked revenge. From this it is led to believe that his father must…show more content…
During Act 5, Hamlet is at the graveyard where Ophelia is being buried a few graves over and holds up a skull of a court jester he once new. It portrays the finality of death; the irreversible end to life. He seems to be speaking to the skull of the jester saying how “not one now to mock your own grinning?”, that he is no longer able to do what he did when he was alive( 251 ). Like his “To be… Or not to be…” soliloquy, this scene gives Hamlet yet another chance to evaluate death and what it means to him( 127 ). How when you die, your purpose in life is no longer there. He assesses what each person 's true motive in life is, why we are here, and what we were made for. Not only did the skull represent life and death, the skull also gave him a chance to think about the good times he had when he was a child. He is reminded of the many times the jester “hath borne’ him ‘on his back”, and all the joy he had during his childhood( 249 ). With everything that is going on with him, it adds a calm before the storm that happens in the following scenes and provides a shift in tone which is vary rarely seen in the play. This leads Hamlet to see what good can come from life instead of the severe moments that he has come across during his

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