Hamlet's Emotions Towards Ophelia

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In the play hamlet, what caught my interest the most was Hamlet 's different emotions towards Ophelia, and how falling in love can lead to many different situations. Regarding if he loves her or ever loved her, did he stop loving her? How does he feel for Ophelia? In the beginning of the play Hamlet has chose to pretend his madness. During the play Hamlet there are many scenes when Hamlet shows his feelings against Ophelia, roughly and politely. He is very bipolar towards Ophelia, but he can be madly In love at the same time. As Hamlet tells Ophelia, “I did love you once” (III.i.141). Hamlet admits that he did love Ophelia once, but did he stop loving her now? Why did he stop loving her? Ophelia 's father commanded her to stop seeing …show more content…

Hamlet seems like a really nice guy and bad at the same time. The reason why is because Ophelia can change Hamlet’s mood in seconds, because hamlet is madly in love with her. When hamlet found out his father was murdered, he was even more upset and mad. Hamlet’s attitude has changed, seeking for his Father’s revenge. All he has focused on was Ophelia and his Father. Hamlet showed many emotions towards Ophelia that made it obvious that he had feelings for her. Polonius and Laertes have heard that Hamlet was going after Ophelia. Before he tried to get her heart, Ophelia’s father let her know that Hamlet isn’t the one to go for. In the play Hamlet, Polonius reads a later that came from Hamlet that was for Ophelia and the poem said, “Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love. O dear Ophelia, I am ill at these numbers. I have not art reckon my groans, but that I love the best, oh, best, believe it. Adie.” (II.ii.5). This letter from Hamlet explains clearly that his love for Ophelia is strong, Hamlet is explaining how he can’t really express his feelings towards her in a poem but he is still saying how much he loves

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