Is Hamlet Justified

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Hamlet He killed 4 people including himself, was he justified by doing it? Hamlet accidently killed his girlfriend’s father, Polonius, that made his girlfriend, Ophelia, go crazy, that made her drown in a pond while picking flowers. But his girlfriends brother found out that hamlet killed their father, and then hamlets uncle found out that hamlet knew that he killed his father. So, hamlet and larataes went fencing, but they decided to kill hamlet, but Hamlet’s mother drank the poison drink killing her, and hamlet got hit with the poison sword. Hamlet got Larataes sword and hit him with it so Larataes died too. Hamlet also killed Claudius, making him die, but hamlet also got his revenge. I personally think killing is not okay, but I can understand…show more content…
I think this isn’t because, the ghost of the king said, “Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature” is meaning he did some bad stuff when he was alive that he is not proud of (DOC.A). Also in the Treatment of Gertrude, hamlet accidently killed Polonius thinking it was the king spying on them in front of Gertrude, before Polonius dies he says “O, I am slain!”. Right after that Hamlet told his mother, Gertrude, that the new king killed his father, she didn’t believe and told him to be quiet that she couldn’t handle it. After that happened Hamlet sees the ghost of the king again, saying that “To speak to her, hamlet” (doc.…show more content…
I think that because, at the end he got his revenge and killed him, it might’ve took a long time to do it and it did cost people’s lives, but he got his revenge. In document F it says, “For God only can take vengeance of the sole,” In document e, it says, that Claudius, started praying because he knew that hamlet knows about his murder. At the end of his prayer he says, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” In document A, it says that the killing of Claudius is justified because, Claudius lied about killing the old king, Claudius also stole his brother’s wife, life, and his crown. The ghost of the king said, “The serpent that did sting thy father’s life Now wears his crown.” To hamlets face. I believe that hamlets actions were not justified but one is, because revenge isn’t a good thing, but Claudius is not just a murderer he is a stealer too. Claudius killed Hamlets father with the easiest but the cleverest way. He poisoned Hamlets father himself, while Hamlets father was sleeping. Then Claudius told everyone that he died of a sudden heart attack or some disease nobody knew
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