Hamlet's Unhinged Mind Analysis

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“What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy”? Hamlet’s cynical, melancholy, and full of hatred for his uncle Claudius and his insane behavior is evident throughout the play. Hamlet is obsessed with avenging his father’s death. Hamlet is indecisive and hesitant, but at other times, he’s prone to rash and impulsive acts of violence. His madness is shown through his strong love for Ophelia and the depths he is willing to take to show how much he loves her. Hamlet also displays his deranged mind by not giving the whereabouts to Polonius’ body and discussing the fate of the kings prior to it actually happening.
One way Hamlet’s unhinged mind is shown throughout the play is by his deep love and peculiar words to Ophelia. When Hamlet had discovered that Ophelia was dead, he lost his mind and his strength. At Ophelia’s funeral he couldn’t bear to see her laying in that grave and says, “ Dost thou come here to whine, To outface me with leaping in her grave, Be buried quick with her?/ and so will I”(v.i.263-265). It’s evident that Hamlet feels like he could’ve done more for Ophelia that her own family. He would rather cut himself or drink vinegar than to live without her. Although Hamlet has an undying love for Ophelia, he also has a sinister side to him that is briefly shown in the play.
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Hamlet then his polonius’ body and the whereabouts are unknown. During a conversation with Claudius about Polonius’ corpse, he says, “ But if indeed you find him not within this month, you shall nose him as you go up the stairs into the lobby”(IV.iii.35/37). It is shown that Hamlet has the psychotic capability of murder. He also shows no remorse for what he’s done because he feels as though killing Polonius was right. Furthermore, Hamlet’s sick and grotesque personality is even more in depth shown as he speaks on the fate of the rulers that come after

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