Hammerhead Sharks Structure

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The hammerhead sharks are excellent predators that belong to the order Carcharhiniformes and family Sphyrnidae. Members of this family of sharks have unique head structures that extends to form a hammer-shaped (T-Shaped) cephalofoil that have different functions including sensing, water maneuvering, and manipulating prey. This family has two genera; Eusphyra and Sphyrna. Hammerheads are distant relatives of the mid-Tertiary period carcharhinid sharks. Today, species of the hammerhead include Eusphyra blochii (Winghead shark), Sphyrna corona (Scalloped bonnethead), Sphyrna couardi (Whitefin hammerhead), Sphyrna gilberti (Carolina hammerhead), Sphyrna lewini (Scalloped hammerhead), Sphyrna media (Scoophead), Sphyrna mokarran (Great hammerhead),…show more content…
Most of the members are gray in color and have some greenish tint with white bellies. This color balance enables the sharks to perfectly blend with the ocean since a prey viewing from the bottom will not see it sneaking in for a meal. The cephalofoil laterally project outwards thus giving the shark the hammerhead shape and, as a sensory organ, ability to easily notice electric field created by prey or threat from miles away. All the hammerhead sharks have excessively small mouths compared to other sharks located at the bottom of the cephalofoil with serrated triangular teeth. Hammerheads have wide-set eyes on the outer edges of the hammer adapted to give a wider and better visual range compared to other sharks. The eyes can rotate for a 360 degrees vision and one eye can see below while the other sees up simultaneously, however, the positioning of the eyes create a blind spot in front of the nose. The nostrils are expanded further enhancing their ability to follow scent and locate prey. Other features include two extra tall dorsal fins of different sizes. Most hammerheads have a lifespan of between 25 and 35 years though observations are currently indicating that more and more of this shark family live longer than 35
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